Company history

Founded in 1960 as a carpenter workshop in the small medieval village of Monticello Amiata, the company Infissi Rossetti derives its origins from the individual firm Rossetti Edo.
The customers soon realized the skill of Mr. Edo, so that in a short time was no longer able to meet the demands. So in 1963 he began to hire the first employees and to invest gradually in increasingly advanced machinery.
The competitiveness of the company on the market grew in a short time and in 1972 the construction of a larger laboratory was started. Furthermore it was decided to move the center of gravity of the whole activity there and to organize the work according to more modern criteria.
After the use of wood, the construction of aluminum frames was added, thanks to which, in the 80s, the company was able to consolidate its market quotes.
The real turning point came in the early 90s, when Mr. Edo, in agreement with his son Giovanni, decided to make the leap in quality by betting on the processing of local chestnut.
The search for product quality has allowed the company to achieve 3 certifications for its flagship products at the national certification LegnoLegno Consortium.
Since then a continuous expansion has begun in structural and market terms, which have contributed to bringing Rossetti Infissi to become one of the most competitive companies in the trade.